God of winds

EOL is the Nordic name for Aiolos, the Greek-Roman God of Winds, who was regarded as the ruler of the wind.

The company delivers complete ventilation systems that fulfil
environmental demands, laws and regulations for underground
construction and mining.


The EOL Ventsystem, specially designed for underground ventilation, offers a complete ventilation system along with expertise for the correct calculation and design of suitable ventilation equipment. The EOL Ventsystem consists of system design, axial fans, dampers, silencers, frequency converters, flexible ducting, ventilation doors and accessories.

Supplier for

mining and tunnelLing


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The company is the main supplier of all underground fans to the world’s largest underground iron mine, LKAB and active in 15 more countries in Europe and Asia.

The EOL Ventsystem is a very high-performance ventilation system for all possible mining and tunnelling situations.